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iphone 6s

Item No.: 1551

Size.: 7.6 x 4.7 x 2.7 inches



  • smooth, continuous unibody design. 3d touch, live photos, an a9 chip, advanced cameras, and a 4.7-inch retina hd display. and so much more.
  • iphone now senses how deeply you press the display, opening up new possibilities for how you interact with your content and letting you do all kinds of essential things more quickly and simply.
  • the world's most popular camera is even better than ever. the advanced 12-mexapixel isight camera now includes live photos — allowing you to capture a still photo, together with what happens before and after your picture, and bring it to life with a simple press. and a new 5-megapixel facetime hd camera brightens your smile with retina flash.
  • the most advanced chip ever in a smartphone is even faster and now features an integrated m9 motion coprocessor.